Definition of bread-and-butter letter in English:

bread-and-butter letter


  • A letter expressing thanks for hospitality.

    • ‘Write a bread-and-butter letter to the adults who were most responsible for your visit.’
    • ‘Even his bread-and-butter letters are original and interesting.’
    • ‘Communications shortcuts like these and thank-you cards are a much bigger part of the stationery business than they were when the bread-and-butter letter was required writing.’
    • ‘Although none of us had slept away from home, the troop leader taught us to compose bread-and-butter letters.’
    • ‘He never forgot birthdays, bread-and-butter letters or calls to give his students, his friends, playwrights and actors best wishes for their first nights.’
    • ‘I received not only a splendid bread-and-butter letter from him, but thereafter he frequently wrote to me from school and, if he was not ill, I took him out with us when I visited my own two sons.’
    • ‘‘Every advertisement I write for the U.S. Travel Service,’ he muses, ‘is a bread-and-butter letter from a grateful immigrant.’’
    • ‘This review, then, is my bread-and-butter letter: ‘Thank you for the complicated joys of your companionship.’’
    • ‘To describe the restaurant's service it's worth reading the review (a bread-and-butter letter) of our guest-fan.’
    • ‘Again, I wait, bending close to study the exhibits taped on the hallway wall: Receipts, group photos, bread-and-butter letters from the Policeman's Benevolent Association, each inserted into a protective cellophane sleeve.’
    • ‘When I got to where Julian was telling Ethan about the B and B, I remembered that I had a story in my files - my mixed-up files - a story about a young man named Noah whose mother insists that he write his grandparents a bread-and-butter letter, a B and B letter.’