Definition of breadthwise in English:


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(also breadthways)
  • In a direction parallel with a thing's width.

    ‘she worked squaring the stacks so that they alternated, first lengthwise, then breadthwise’
    • ‘The transport was conducted by five lorries in total whereof - due to the oversize of 2.99 metres breadthways and the weight of 31 tons per tank - two were special-purpose vehicles.’
    • ‘The main island Madeira is about 59 km in length and breadthways about 26 km.’
    • ‘They extend themselves there lengthways from east to west, and breadthways from north to south; but the breadth to appearance is less than the length.’
    • ‘It was of soft leather, and about eight inches wide, sewed lengthways and breadthways in small squares, in which, I presumed the diamonds were deposited.’
    • ‘Beads are woven lengthwise and breadthwise into the human story.’
    • ‘With a removable chalk pencil draw lines through the center of the fabric both lengthwise and breadthwise.’
    • ‘The first layer shall be applied lengthwise and the second or the last layer should be applied breadthways.’
    • ‘It is a long shaped island with a total length of 31 kilometers and breadthways 8 kilometers.’
    • ‘Therefore, the boat was equipped with fifteen watertight compartments, strictly divided up lengthways and breadthways, so she could stay afloat whatever happened.’
    • ‘Most stamp seals are perforated lengthwise, many are unperforated, and very small minorities are perforated breadthwise.’
    • ‘She was then rebuilt, with her hurricane deck expanded breadthways.’
    • ‘Then, by concentrating on the various standardized contracts of different companies, comparing them breadthways and lengthwise, I reach a conclusion that these standardized contracts, which neglect consumers’ rights with unfair content, are in urgent need of regulating.’



/ˈbredTHwīz/ /ˈbrɛdθwaɪz/