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break off

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phrasal verb

  • 1break something off, break off somethingRemove something from a larger unit or whole.

    • ‘Tucker broke off a piece of bread’
    snap off, pull off, sever, detach, separate
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    1. 1.1break offBecome severed.
      • ‘the fuselage had broken off just behind the pilot's seat’
      snap off, come off, become detached, become separated, become severed
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  • 2Abruptly stop talking.

    • ‘she broke off, stifling a sob’
  • 3break something off, break off somethingAbruptly end or discontinue something.

    • ‘Britain threatened to break off diplomatic relations’
    end, bring to an end, terminate, put an end to, call a halt to, stop, cease, finish, dissolve
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