Definition of break through in English:

break through

phrasal verb

  • 1Make or force a way through (a barrier)

    ‘demonstrators attempted to break through the police lines’
    ‘the sun might break through in a few spots’
    • ‘One man reported that the security forces broke through the gates of his house and took away his two adult sons.’
    • ‘Arnold became obsessed with breaking through the pain barrier.’
    • ‘They are both quiet until the plane is up in the air, breaking through the barrier of clouds.’
    • ‘A personal trainer or coach can help you break through mental barriers and set higher goals.’
    • ‘The small spearhead would counterattack the eastern flank of the attacking force and try to break through their front lines.’
    • ‘Someone broke through the police cordon and kicked him with terrible force.’
    • ‘Eight people were arrested during the demonstration after students broke through police lines.’
    • ‘Occasionally the sun broke through the clouds, but it never really warmed us.’
    • ‘However, around midday, the sun broke through and the visitors flooded in.’
    • ‘Now and again the sun breaks through the clouds.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) achieve success in a particular area.
      ‘so many talented players are struggling to break through’
      • ‘She is defending her seat against the advancing Conservatives, who broke through last year to take one of the ward's three seats.’
      • ‘It is probably her best album, certainly the one with which she broke through with critical acclaim and commercial success.’
      • ‘They've been up-and-down all season, finally breaking through with a ton of success lately.’
      • ‘The party is trying to break through in these areas after the base it had in areas such as east London in the early 1990s collapsed.’
      • ‘It wants to use its success in Burnley as a launchpad to break through elsewhere.’
      • ‘We think Rick really broke through as somebody who's tough and able to deliver for New York.’
      • ‘They reckon that the Beatles really broke through in America after they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.’
      • ‘The weary Englishmen, with six dropped catches during the innings, eventually broke through in the afternoon.’
      • ‘A Manchester United starlet, he broke through to the first team squad.’