Definition of break wind in English:

break wind


  • Release gas from the anus.

    ‘If you were in a room with me and Jake and one of us broke wind, would you know which one it was?’
    • ‘The mother of a 13-year-old boy yesterday said he was suspended from school for two days simply because he broke wind in a classroom.’
    • ‘What's the correct, polite thing to do when someone breaks wind in your presence?’
    • ‘A Swedish man has been awarded nearly £60,000 compensation after he was sacked for telling off a colleague for breaking wind.’
    • ‘It is like being invited to someone's dinner party, insulting the chef, spitting on the floor, breaking wind loudly and then apologising.’
    • ‘A slight, sickly child, he grew increasingly odd and eccentric, throwing tantrums, fussing about and repeatedly breaking wind.’
    • ‘A vaccine that prevents sheep from breaking wind has been developed by Australian scientists in an attempt to reduce global warming.’
    • ‘On one occasion he broke wind at the venue then turned around to ask the audience, ‘Who did that?’’
    • ‘It's the first ever study to suggest fish communicate by breaking wind.’
    • ‘Some scientists think cows breaking wind are more harmful than the greenhouse gases produced from our motor vehicles.’