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  • 1A piece of armor covering the chest.

    ‘Vests and T-shirts bear prints of Japanese armour breastplates embellished with coloured jewels.’
    • ‘The man quickly grabbed his arms and the woman stripped his armour breastplate away.’
    • ‘He wore a breastplate and leg armour, as well as the expensive, linen drapery around his body.’
    • ‘Verdana concealed a smile, and crashed her mailed fist on the burnished breastplate of her armour.’
    • ‘She pulled out the breastplate and the arm piece and placed it on the bed and next to the trunk.’
    • ‘He suddenly realized that the breastplate had been removed and the bottom layer of his armor had been unzipped.’
    • ‘He noticed a peculiar weight on his chest and looked down to see a breastplate forged from bone.’
    • ‘The hoplite was protected by a helmet, a shield, and a breastplate, with leg protection in the form of greaves.’
    • ‘Before he even landed, an invisible force slammed into his stomach and several pieces of metal shattered from his breastplate!’
    • ‘They've found three pieces so far, a breastplate, a greave, and a belt.’
    • ‘She'd stripped away almost all her Rim armour, down to the breastplate and chamois breeches.’
    • ‘She placed it down beside her to see long thick arm pieces made from the same black material as the breastplate.’
    • ‘We see Penelope waking up alone in a bed filled with discarded gauntlets, greaves and breastplates.’
    • ‘He used tooled leather and real copper breastplates, contributing to a new tradition of metalwork.’
    • ‘We've each made our own masks, breastplates, cloaks and ancestral images.’
    • ‘Her accent is horrible, when she talks, it sounds like she's got a reverb pedal hidden somewhere under her smelted breastplate.’
    • ‘Your breastplate is in the shape of a spread-winged eagle, with bright yellow gems for its eyes.’
    • ‘She put her shoulder plates, breastplate, and belt in the bag.’
    • ‘The arrow flew through the air, quivering, and struck the leader in the chink between his bracers and breastplate.’
    • ‘On a couple of hooks in a hall of some sort hung the armor, breastplate and shoulder-pads joined together already.’
    • ‘The soldier wore helmet, breastplate, and shin guards; protection also came from a shield.’
    • ‘A thick leather and metal breastplate rested over his white-patterned dark blue yukata.’
    • ‘On each breastplate was an insignia, a raised image of a dragon wrapped around a knife.’
  • 2A set of straps attached to the front of a saddle, which pass across the horse's chest and prevent the saddle from slipping backward.

    ‘They were so pretty, with those burnished breastplates.’
    • ‘This breastplate is designed to keep the saddle from sliding backwards while allowing the horse freedom of movement.’
    • ‘Rear cinch and breastplate are considered required for safety reasons.’
    • ‘Odd shaped horses may require a breastplate to help the saddle stay in place.’
    1. 2.1The strap of a harness covering the chest of a horse.
      • ‘Horwath pointed out reflectors on the ankles and breastplate of her horse as an example of safety-consciousness among equine caretakers.’
  • 3Judaism
    In ancient times, a jeweled vestment covering the chest of the Jewish high priest.

    ‘The jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, armbands and a breastplate.’
    • ‘The High Priest's wearing of the breastplate atoned for the Courts mistakes in judgment.’
    • ‘Somehow this breastplate had the special capacity to help him in rendering important judicial decisions.’
    • ‘When they wanted to know whether they should go to war, God answered through the breastplate.’



/ˈbres(t)ˌplāt/ /ˈbrɛs(t)ˌpleɪt/