Definition of breathe one's last in English:

breathe one's last


  • Die.

    ‘as soon as King Henry had breathed his last the barons turned on each other’
    • ‘He breathed his last at the hospital at around 0930 hrs on Friday morning.’
    • ‘I know I'm going to remember this till I breathe my last.’
    • ‘‘Nothing like breathing your last to give you new life,’ said the master of paradox Samuel Beckett.’
    • ‘Through the smoke he saw the magnificent grizzly bear slumped over and breathing his last.’
    • ‘And the flames of their life's work would burn in his eyes, his heart, until every last abomination had breathed their last.’
    • ‘Erik smiled weakly and breathed his last in his king's arms.’
    • ‘Perhaps he was among those unfortunate souls who were prisoners or maybe he had already breathed his last.’
    • ‘I watched as the doctor pulled the plug on the life support and he breathed his last.’
    • ‘Finally, in the triumph of a soul at last filled with peace, the minister breathed his last.’
    • ‘The only place with possible clues to his identity is the hospital where he breathed his last.’
    pass away, pass on, lose one's life, depart this life, expire, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, lay down one's life, be no more, perish, be lost, go the way of the flesh, go the way of all flesh, go to glory, go to one's last resting place, go to meet one's maker, cross the great divide, cross the Styx