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  • 1The process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs.

    ‘his breathing was shallow’
    • ‘Over time, one can replace shallow breathing with deeper breathing without having to consciously focus on it.’
    • ‘This causes large bursts of breath followed by periods of shallow breathing or stopped breathing.’
    • ‘It deals with the physiological process of breathing and with the management of energy in the body.’
    • ‘Half of us shallow breathe instead of breathing from our diaphragm.’
    • ‘The process requires both sufficient breathing and also adequate pumping by the heart.’
    • ‘This results in frequent episodes of shallow breathing or no air going into the lungs.’
    • ‘At an elevation above 9,500 feet, my breathing deepened and my lungs labored in the thin air.’
    • ‘For a few seconds, all that could be heard-with strained ears-was a shallow, crackly breathing.’
    • ‘Thomas' breathing was shallow, and he could say no more than a few words without pause.’
    • ‘Normal breathing is a two-step process starting with contractions of the diaphragm creating a vacuum in the lungs.’
    • ‘Also, the heat was already affecting his mental processes and his breathing affected him physically.’
    • ‘My remaining lung has expanded and I have better breathing capacity than the average person.’
    • ‘While breathing is an automatic process, it can be improved through regular practice.’
    • ‘As I walked in he was in the process of checking her breathing, his face tight with concentration.’
    • ‘This encourages the baby's lungs to develop and reduces the risk of breathing difficulties.’
    • ‘The team was joined by an anaesthetist who put a special tube into his lungs to improve his breathing.’
    • ‘The trick to yoga breathing is to hold the breath for about five seconds after inhalation.’
    • ‘Even his lungs are protesting the action of mere breathing, and he groans a little with each ragged breath.’
    • ‘Answers can be easily had through these breathing techniques.’
    • ‘That same year, I stopped breathing for about fifteen seconds because I had a nasty case of scarlet fever.’
    breath, breathing out
  • 2A sign in Greek (῾ or ᾿) indicating the presence of an aspirate (rough breathing) or the absence of an aspirate (smooth breathing) at the beginning of a word.

    ‘Greek was very like Latin with the added burden of a new alphabet to learn, with breathings and subscripts.’
    • ‘The digraph in GREEK derived words with rough breathing: rhapsody, rhetoric, rhinoceros.’
    • ‘Pay careful attention to the Greek letters as you read, and make sure you can identify the smooth breathings.’
    • ‘There is a stream of diacritics that look like the Greek breathings but should not be conflated with them.’
    • ‘The sound does not occur in Modern Greek so the choice of breathings makes no difference now.’



/ˈbrēT͟HiNG/ /ˈbriðɪŋ/