Definition of breech birth in English:

breech birth


(also breech delivery)
  • A delivery of a baby which is so positioned in the uterus that the buttocks or feet are delivered first.

    ‘A breech delivery or one with an umbilical cord around the neck is considered a sign of good fortune.’
    • ‘A breech delivery can be difficult to assist when a Shih Tzu puppy is confined in the slippery sac.’
    • ‘He was a breech birth but emerged fit and well weighing 5lbs 9ozs.’
    • ‘A breech birth is the classic example, when time is of the essence to birth the baby's head.’
    • ‘In pregnancy it increases risk of miscarriages, breech births, delivery complication, and low birth weight.’
    • ‘Another blog provides the example of doctors losing the ability to turn breech births.’


breech birth

/ˈbrēCH ˌbərTH/ /ˈbritʃ ˌbərθ/