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plural noun

  • 1Short trousers fastened just below the knee, now chiefly worn for riding a horse or as part of ceremonial dress.

    ‘a pair of buckskin breeches’
    • ‘He was still a little mad she had worn breeches under her dress.’
    • ‘He was dressed in burgundy velvet breeches, waistcoat and frock, with a silk and lace white shirt.’
    • ‘She had braided her hair, and dressed in breeches and tunic, her riding gloves tucked into her belt.’
    • ‘She was dressed in beige breeches, a black sweater and riding boots.’
    • ‘He was stocky and dressed handsomely in his breeches and blouse.’
    • ‘He was dressed in tan breeches with black boots to the knee.’
    • ‘She would run to the forest, leave the dress and, wearing breeches and shirt, go back to the castle.’
    • ‘Cate was perched high in a tree, clad in a loose men's shirt and riding breeches.’
    • ‘He was dressed in black breeches, a white loose shirt and cravat, and a long black jacket.’
    • ‘When I looked to the man, I could see he was dressed in these brown breeches and a greenish tunic.’
    • ‘She was wearing orange and red breeches, tied just below the knees.’
    • ‘I washed and dressed in brown breeches and a black coat, not wanting to be encumbered by my heavy cloak.’
    • ‘They had a habit for wearing breeches under their dresses for such little rides like these.’
    • ‘He was dressed in black breeches and a royal color shirt with a black cloak around him.’
    • ‘The girl facing him was dressed in muddy breeches and a soft grey-green shirt.’
    • ‘Each dressed exactly the same as the next, in brown leather riding breeches and tunics the color of dried blood.’
    • ‘She hurriedly dressed into breeches and a loose fitting shirt.’
    • ‘These costumes include tricornered hats, silk jackets, and riding breeches.’
    • ‘She was dressed in bright red breeches tied with a cord inlaid with silver thread.’
    • ‘He wore a dark blue tunic and even darker blue riding breeches.’
    1. 1.1 informal Trousers.



/ˈbriCHiz/ /ˈbrɪtʃɪz/ /ˈbrēCHiz/ /ˈbritʃɪz/


Middle English plural of breech.