Definition of brewpub in English:



  • An establishment, typically one including a restaurant, selling beer brewed on the premises.

    • ‘Sales of single malt scotch really took off at the brewery after the brewpub started hosting tastings.’
    • ‘After 1986, the number of brewers rose due to entry of specialty brewers, microbrewers, and brewpubs.’
    • ‘He has even higher ambitions for the role of fresh beer, thoughtfully served, in a welcoming brewpub.’
    • ‘Bars are split into brewpubs, those with food, with terrasses, fly-drawing cheapies and more.’
    • ‘The brewpub also carries 45 single malt Scotches.’
    • ‘Good, earthy food is a leading reason for the success of brewpubs that have survived the late 1990s shakeout.’
    • ‘Instead, she might open a manufacturing plant for draft sales, and incorporate a little brewpub to help pay for it.’