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brick red

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  • A deep brownish red.

    ‘various shades from blushing pink to angry brick red’
    • ‘he had a brick-red face’
    • ‘Those who notice such things will also observe a change in colour, typically from deep purple to light brick red.’
    • ‘If the stele is pink to brick red or brownish red, the plant has the red stele disease.’
    • ‘You have limited choices in color: gray concrete, brick red tint and sandstone beige.’
    • ‘Red wines tend to go from cherry red to brick red to copper to brown.’
    • ‘This reddish-brown or brick-red discoloration on roots is typical of Phytophthora root rot.’
    • ‘She came out, looking fabulous in her blood red tank and brick red jeans.’
    • ‘When the outdoors colors were brick red and charming pink, the inside were a bubbly purple and a warming yellow.’
    • ‘He had all the gnome features, being almost brick red in colour, slightly small, and owning hands the size of plates.’
    • ‘There were greens, blue and orange, blush pink, ocher and brick red.’
    • ‘The best eating pomegranates are as big as large oranges, sometimes yellow in colour but more often dark brick red.’
    • ‘The whole table broke out into laughter, leaving Jake with his brick-red cheeks flared with embarrassment.’
    • ‘She looks for yellow to brick-red egg clusters under plant leaves.’
    • ‘New flower colors, including lavender and brick red, have joined the more familiar white ‘Snowflake’.’
    • ‘The apartment was brick red, just like her apartment.’
    • ‘Gabrielle went brick red before flatly shaking her head.’
    • ‘It is characterized by its shiny brick red colored root earning its common name as ‘red sage root.’’
    • ‘Then it flushed brick red before going whiter than before.’
    • ‘She also applied some eyeliner and some dark, brick red lipstick.’
    • ‘Now the man's expression tightened, and the blush moved toward brick red.’
    • ‘The brick red building that was meant for Derek was around the corner.’
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brick red

/ˌbrik ˈred/ /ˌbrɪk ˈrɛd/