Definition of bring something to bear in English:

bring something to bear


  • 1Exert influence or pressure so as to achieve a particular result.

    ‘they brought pressure to bear on him to resign’
    ‘she had reservations about how much influence she could bring to bear’
    • ‘And who, at this distance, can tell what pressures were brought to bear on ordinary citizens to make them conform.’
    • ‘NASA finally relented, but only after much pressure was brought to bear.’
    • ‘Another way that pressure can be brought to bear on offending nations is through economic sanctions.’
    • ‘How do we measure when or how Australia should bring its influence to bear in faraway conflicts?’
    • ‘Thus a wealth of cultural and culinary influences have been brought to bear on the Armenians.’
    • ‘The symptoms of decay in the government were obvious before this influence was brought to bear.’
    • ‘By ensuring that a solicitor deals with the transaction, we can be certain that no undue influence was brought to bear on the homeowner.’
    • ‘We need schools, guidance counselors and parents to bring their influence to bear.’
    • ‘Evidently such power is very helpful to bring his influence to bear.’
    apply, exert, administer, implement, use, exercise, employ, utilize, practise, put into practice, execute, prosecute, enact, carry out, put to use, bring into effect, bring into play
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  • 2Aim a weapon.

    ‘he brought his rifle to bear on a distant target’
    • ‘The others all brought their weapons up to bear.’
    • ‘This was the only suitable spot for bringing our guns to bear on the enemy, to assist in the attack.’
    • ‘Burchfield brought his guns to bear early in the Preface, with a broadside against the very book that he was editing.’