Definition of bristle fern in English:

bristle fern


  • A filmy fern with hairlike bristles protruding from the spore-containing bodies. Most bristle ferns have delicate fronds and live in damp shady places, chiefly in tropical areas.

    Genus Trichomanes, family Hymenophyllaceae

    ‘Bristle fern demands shaded crevices and grottoes in sandy or acidic rocks.’
    • ‘In the darkest areas in several gullies, he found the Killarney bristle fern.’
    • ‘Ferns of interest included the bristle fern.’
    • ‘The streak-sorus fern is often associated with, most notably, the Appalachian bristle fern.’
    • ‘Bristle fern, Polystichum and Rumohra are some of the genera which have representatives in the South African flora.’


bristle fern

/ˈbrisəl fərn/ /ˈbrɪsəl fərn/