Definition of bristletail in English:



  • A small wingless insect that has bristles at the end of the abdomen.

    Orders Thysanura (the true bristletails, with three bristles, including the silverfish) and Diplura (the two-pronged bristletails), subclass Apterygota

    ‘Jumping bristletails moult 8 to 10 times before reaching sexual maturity, which may take up to two years.’
    • ‘The bristletails and silverfish both have two long cerci, and between this a caudal appendage.’
    • ‘The jumping bristletails are an inconspicuous group, looking much like their better-known cousins, the silverfish.’
    • ‘All bristletails are carrot-shaped, somewhat flattened, and covered with grayish scales.’
    • ‘Jumping bristletails eat algae that grow on the surfaces of rocks, logs, and trees.’



/ˈbrisəlˌtāl/ /ˈbrɪsəlˌteɪl/