Definition of British English in English:

British English


mass noun
  • English as used in Great Britain, as distinct from that used elsewhere.

    • ‘Webster wanted to distinguish American English from British English by correcting irregular spellings and eliminating silent letters.’
    • ‘Thus, educated speakers of American English and British English can be regarded as using dialects of the same language because differences of these three kinds exist between them.’
    • ‘The differences in words and meanings of words between British English and American English are a constant source of interest and amusement to me.’
    • ‘This derives from Beijing Mandarin and is about as similar to that dialect as American English is to British English.’
    • ‘For example in spelling, Canadian usage stands midway between American English and British English hence such spellings as color, program and center which reflect American usage and colour.’
    • ‘If the English exams concentrated more on American English than on British English, she says, her students would do better.’
    • ‘All around us people yelled in Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, British English, American English, Irish English etc.’
    • ‘People accept and appreciate the difference between US English and British English and the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese characters.’
    • ‘New Zealand English resembles British English in a number of ways.’
    • ‘The Daily Telegraph reports that the new test required of applicants for British citizenship requires knowledge of where the different dialects of British English are spoken.’
    • ‘Americans sometimes forget that most of the English-speaking countries use British English.’
    • ‘Problems arise if you're a speaker of British English and you're reading something written in the US or Australia.’
    • ‘Patrick Crozier has been comparing various expressions from British English with equivalent expressions from American English, in order to figure out which form of the language is better.’
    • ‘Some of them sound OK to me, and others sound pretty funny, but I wouldn't recommend trusting my unaided intuitions on a question like this, even though I did grow up speaking British English.’
    • ‘Frankly, Americans understanding or not understanding British English is a matter for the US education system.’
    • ‘The latter style isn't wrong, and some prefer it because it seems more logical; my Oxford English Grammar says that it's the norm in British English.’
    • ‘Klima's book, translated into British English by Gerald Turner, takes us to a city even sadder than Berlin.’
    • ‘Although written in British English, the book is easy to read because it maintains a simple structure.’
    • ‘English, Jamaica's official language, is spoken with many variations ranging from British English to Jamaican Patois, which is now a language of its own.’
    • ‘Many people still think of Indian English as inferior, and see British English as the only ‘proper’ English.’


British English