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  • (in North America and old-fashioned British English) a native or inhabitant of Britain.

    • ‘And certainly a good number of Britishers, native and imports, were making good use of India to enjoy their journey.’
    • ‘In ‘Horizons’, the cultivation of English-style gardens is depicted as the means by which homesick Britishers could ‘almost forget’ they were in Australia, so deeply did they detest the place.’
    • ‘What outsiders usually fail to realize, however, is that the British are even more mocking of other Britishers.’
    • ‘Europe's surplus will not always have America or India to fall back upon, and the Britisher cannot very well assimilate with the other inhabitants of Asia.’
    • ‘Gandhiji wanted to show the Britishers that an Indian was capable of manufacturing modern medicine at lower price, and that Indians too were as enterprising as Britishers and other Europeans and Americans.’
    • ‘A team led by Francis Day, which the book proclaims the ‘founder of Madras’, signed a grant with the rulers of the region to hand the Britishers the village of Madraspatnam for two years.’
    • ‘While Britishers think it signalled the success of their colonisation since the natives took to a foreign sport, the Indians view it as the first major expression of nationalism in the field of sports.’
    • ‘He took us on a tour of the labyrinth which was a maze of many small tunnels interconnected randomly and the Britishers had had a tough time capturing the place.’
    • ‘For most Britishers and Americans, the Iraq misadventure is all about them.’
    • ‘The naive decadence of the Nawab and his subjects which led to a great kingdom being just handed over to the Britishers has been aptly portrayed in the film.’
    • ‘A Scot with an Indian connection, Fraser incidentally was one of the first few Britishers noted writer William Dalrymple was inspired by during his research for a book.’
    • ‘For a long time on (I think) CNN, what was on my screen was news coverage by Britishers, originating in England.’
    • ‘‘I learnt it when you Britishers were in charge here,’ he says.’
    • ‘At the Bharati Vidya Bhavan scores of Britishers come to learn, along with Indians, the many musical instruments, the languages of India and yoga.’
    • ‘He further said that it was stopped in 1942 by Britishers.’
    • ‘Of course, the Britishers had no idea of returning the land to Wodeyar, and the betrayed Indian king retreated into a shell.’
    • ‘The Britishers also banned dances in the area of their control.’
    • ‘Deciding to beat them at their own game, the villagers, led by the plucky Bhuvan, challenge the Britishers to a game of cricket.’
    • ‘Given the fact that travelling was the theme of the exhibition it was appropriate that the two Britishers launch it.’



/ˈbridiSHər/ /ˈbrɪdɪʃər/