Definition of brittle bone disease in English:

brittle bone disease


another term for osteogenesis imperfecta
‘Small Bones is charity which aims to help children with scoliosis, brittle bone disease and rheumatoid arthritis.’
  • ‘These include osteopenia (a milder form of bone loss), brittle bone disease, and osteomalacia (vitamin D deficiency).’
  • ‘Researchers at the Karolinska Institute researchers stressed that stem cell therapy was not a cure for OI, or brittle bone disease.’
  • ‘The boy was eventually found to be severely allergic, the girl to have the skin condition Schamberg's disease and injuries from her bicycle, and the baby to have brittle bone disease.’
  • ‘We all hear a lot about this brittle bone disease, but who actually gets it and why?’
another term for osteoporosis


brittle bone disease

/ˈbridl bōn dəˈzēz/ /ˈbrɪdl boʊn dəˈziz/