Definition of broad gauge in English:

broad gauge


  • A railway gauge which is wider than the standard gauge of 4 ft 81/2 in (1.435 m).

    • ‘This 5'3" gauge tram line was unique in that it shared the Irish broad gauge with the railways instead of the standard gauge of most other passenger tram systems in Victoria at the time.’
    • ‘Brunel built his railway with a broad gauge (seven feet) instead of the standard four feet eight and one-half inches which had been used for lines already installed.’
    • ‘They also worked on the French Eastern, Western and Ceinture lines, a batch were built for the Chinese Peking-Hangkow Railways, and some on the Spanish broad gauge for the Andalusian Railway.’
    • ‘While the Bangalore Metro is likely to run on standard gauge, the railway ministry wants broad gauge as was done in the case of the Delhi Metro (despite opposition from Delhi Metro bosses).’
    • ‘In Britain, the Great Western railway used a broad gauge of 7 foot, giving it the fastest and most comfortable trains in Britain, but could not exchange rolling stock with any other company.’
    • ‘The broad gauge railway reaches Pathankot which is 85 kilometres from Dharmsala and 115 kilometres from Palampur.’
    • ‘The narrow gauge went north to Wilmington and beyond, the broad gauge went south to Adelaide and the standard gauge connected Perth in Western Australia with Sydney on the east coast.’
    • ‘Those needing a particular seat or berth can choose from the schematic diagram of berths in various classes in the broad gauge and metre gauge coaches.’
    • ‘Brunel is noted for introducing the broad gauge in place of the standard gauge on this line.’
    • ‘Dare I add Alexander Downer has travelled up the Khyber Pass by car, and the author by steam train on the broad gauge track built by the British for defence purposes.’
    • ‘There was far more narrow than broad gauge track, and more planned, but the broad gauge, with its faster trains and smoother running, was popular with the public.’
    • ‘Point reminded me of the story of Brunel's broad gauge railway.’
    • ‘There are also displays about the network itself, showing off a 1925 replica of the 1837 broad gauge locomotive North Star and a simulator giving the feel of what it is like to drive a steam loco.’
    • ‘While, BMRTL is planning to have standard gauge, the Railway Ministry is insisting on broad gauge.’
    • ‘The famous lake city of Udaipur would get connected with the broad gauge rail network thereby facilitating the tourist traffic in this area especially that moving by Palace on Wheels.’
    • ‘Many lines of the era were a great success, the Great Western with its broad gauge being one, and the London & Birmingham another, with the Stephenson's reply involved.’
    • ‘This new beast is wider, built for the broad gauge tracks to which India is gradually converting, and has 14 interlinked saloons, each with four cabins with private bathrooms.’
    • ‘In fact there were two reasons because both the TG & B and the Credit Valley (also in Parkdale) were narrow when compared to the Great Western broad gauge which was then actually considered normal.’
    • ‘Salient features of coaches of broad gauge and metre gauge were explained to them.’
    • ‘The 62-mile track was converted into broad gauge in 1935.’