Definition of broad pennant in English:

broad pennant


(also broad pendant)
  • A short swallow-tailed pennant distinguishing the commodore's ship in a squadron.

    ‘The 1865 regulations also modified the broad pennant, which was now to display a single white star.’
    • ‘Commodores display their single planet on a broad pendant with the black field of the RMN Ensign.’
    • ‘Commodore Harwood transferred his broad pendant to the Ajax and the Exeter sailed for Port Stanley to carry out urgent repairs.’
    • ‘On 12 Aug.1819 he was appointed commodore and commander-in-chief on the South American station, with his broad pennant in the Superb.’
    • ‘Valued by aspiring officers as a means of securing future promotion, it brought the coveted honour of hoisting a broad pendant and included a wide range of responsibilities.’
    • ‘On his arrival at Hong Kong, he hoisted his broad pendant on board the San Jacinto, retaining that vessel as his flagship until the Powhatan's arrival.’
    • ‘Although most of his contemporaries referred to him as a ‘commodore’ after the victory, Perry was not authorized to fly the broad pendant symbolic of that rank.’
    • ‘Out of these special pennants developed the plain red and blue broad pennants used by commodores - a title which dates in the Royal Navy from about 1690-seen in paintings of 18th century actions.’
    • ‘Even the practice of using the broad pennant at the mizzen to denote a senior officer present below flag rank was the same in the two navies.’
    • ‘The United States flag and the broad pennant were borne by two athletic seamen, who had been selected from the crews of the squadron on account of their stalwart proportions.’
    • ‘Flag officers normally always fly the broad pennant of the club in which they hold their flag, irrespective of location or pursuit.’
    • ‘In 1881 the ‘Broadicea’ flying the broad pennant of Commodore Frederick Richards, assisted in the first Boer war by the landing of the Naval Brigade.’
    • ‘On 22 January he hoisted his broad pendant in Shropshire and next month witnessed the bombardment and occupation of Corregidor Island.’
    • ‘As noted above, throughout the first half of the 19th century, U.S. Navy commodores used broad pennants bearing the same number of stars as the number of states in the Union.’
    • ‘Corsica was therefore abandoned by Britain, and Nelson, after superintending the evacuation of Corsica, was ordered to hoist his broad pennant on board the Minerva frigate.’
    • ‘As I understand it, after looking through W.G.Perrin's ‘British Flags’, there was no difference in shape or size between the broad pennants of contemporary 1st and 2nd class commodores.’
    • ‘The ship-of-the-line Washington in the Bay of Naples was Commodore Chauncey's flagship, with his broad pennant flying at the main.’
    • ‘Almost identical in design to the later Canadian flags, it was a broad pennant divided vertically into two colours and rimmed with thin white borders.’


broad pennant

/brôd ˈpenənt/ /brɔd ˈpɛnənt/