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Pronunciation /ˈbrôdlē/ /ˈbrɔdli/

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  • 1In general and with the exception of minor details.

    ‘the climate is broadly similar in the two regions’
    • ‘No doubt there are more but, broadly speaking, the situation is this, we would submit.’
    • ‘There are, broadly speaking, two kinds of relativism, cultural and cognitive.’
    • ‘And hence the proper way to arrive at such a criterion is, broadly speaking, inductive.’
    • ‘That, broadly speaking, was an approach which was approved by the House of Lords in that case.’
    • ‘Fatalities across UK industry generally are broadly static, but rising in Scotland.’
    • ‘Researching a limited population to produce a broadly applicable generalization is problematic.’
    • ‘It is assumed in this book that it is important to consider economic change more broadly than is habitually done.’
    • ‘It will obviously be of general application in broadly similar circumstances.’
    • ‘Hence Part B offers an appropriate context in which to consider the issues more broadly.’
    • ‘In other respects the Bill states the law broadly, leaving considerable leeway to prosecutors.’
    • ‘More broadly, corruption, to the British in general, is something that foreigners do.’
    • ‘You can broadly defend someone without being drawn into the details.’
    • ‘More broadly, the study of women in past generations is reshaping our understanding of cultural history.’
    • ‘He tended to deal broadly with special cases of a general theory by a variety of methods…’
    • ‘In general we would expect the strength of these impacts broadly to be associated with the size of the change involved.’
    • ‘These results have been broadly consistent with a slight downward trend for a generation.’
    • ‘Similarly, public opinion was broadly in favour of the idea but did not consider it a priority.’
    • ‘Like other European leaders, he broadly supports Mr Blair on Africa and climate change.’
    • ‘The common law, like the civil law, is therefore broadly compatible with contemporary science.’
    • ‘Society divided broadly into a warrior aristocracy and a largely agricultural commons.’
    in general, on the whole, as a rule, in the main, mainly, predominantly
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  • 2Widely and openly.

    ‘he was grinning broadly’
    • ‘The teenager, who plays Harry, grinned broadly and posed for the cameras.’
    • ‘The Expert Temp grinning broadly behind the staff member sensed this, and leered at me.’
    • ‘When he heard about this seemingly overdue admission by the trainer, Carberry grinned broadly.’
    • ‘By now more than one third of the class was grinning broadly or chuckling to them selves.’
    • ‘He slowly pulled himself off the stage and grinned broadly at the two gawking at him.’
    • ‘They were grinning broadly and saying all kinds of rubbish while embracing their friend.’
    • ‘It is at this moment that we find Sophia, hopping home with a bag slung over her shoulders, grinning broadly.’
    • ‘The fifteen year old was holding a trophy and her tennis racket, grinning broadly.’
    • ‘Alex grinned broadly at all the people because she loved being the centre of attention.’
    • ‘Anna looked at me past the condiments in flowery plastic containers and grinned very broadly.’
    • ‘He grinned broadly upon noticing her red silk and satin dress and the beautiful rings on her fingers.’
    • ‘William was too quick for her and grinned broadly at the annoyed look on Corina's face.’
    widely, openly
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