Definition of brochureware in English:



mass noun
  • Websites or web pages produced by converting a company's printed marketing or advertising material into an Internet format.

    • ‘The changing landscape has led corporate Web sites to evolve from textual to multimedia, brochureware to interactive, static to transactional, chaotic to standardized, rigid to extensible, broadcasting to read-write.’
    • ‘With near reckless abandon HTML pages started springing up everywhere, from the simplest personal page to relatively fancy consumer-oriented sites, corporate brochureware, intranets and extranets.’
    • ‘Its website is largely brochureware with very sparse content on its product range.’
    • ‘Also note that if your site is something beyond marketing brochureware, it's good to have more than one goal for a site.’
    • ‘Eduard, for example, advocates a progression from brochureware to highly interactive, transformational systems.’
    • ‘Will it just be marketing propaganda or brochureware packaged in a different folder format?’
    • ‘‘It's not advertising, it's not commerce, it's not video, and it's not brochureware,’ says Julie Beeler, principal at Second Story.’
    • ‘Back then, if a company had a site to point to it was largely brochureware, a corporate identity on the web.’
    • ‘These days it's pretty much just business brochureware and not even much of that.’
    • ‘They still want in on the Internet market - but not if such a move means paying a fortune for some hastily assembled brochureware or some creaky online outlet store.’
    • ‘A large part of my job is evangelizing the strengths of the Internet to executives who still use the Web just for brochureware.’
    • ‘What I think you need is something beyond brochureware.’
    • ‘The Edinburgh-based company is expected to provide new content that will help transform the brochureware site into a popular lifestyle portal for GUS customers.’