Definition of brome in English:


Pronunciation /brōm/ /broʊm/


  • A grass with a loose, branching cluster of flowers, sometimes grown for fodder or ornamental purposes.

    Genus Bromus, family Gramineae

    • ‘After moving to their present farm in 2000 they tilled the ground and seeded it to perennial ryegrass, Alyce white clover, brome and meadow fescue, with annual ryegrass as a cover crop.’
    • ‘The most common cool-season grasses are orchard grass, smooth brome, meadow brome and creeping foxtail.’
    • ‘The majority of their diet should be free-choice grass hays such as timothy, orchard grass or brome.’
    • ‘For grassy weeds, especially winter annual grasses like downy brome, cheatgrass, and volunteer wheat, use Poast Plus or Select herbicides before grasses are 4 inches tall.’
    • ‘In fact, only a small portion of the brome and orchard grass germinated at all.’


Mid 18th century from modern Latin Bromus, from Greek bromos ‘oat’.



/brōm/ /broʊm/