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  • Relating to the bronchi or bronchioles.

    ‘bronchial pneumonia’
    • ‘The discoloration can also occur in nasal, bronchial mucosa, fingernails and toenails.’
    • ‘We observed that hypoxia is a common event in the mucosal capillary blood of bronchial tumors.’
    • ‘The lungs receive blood from the pulmonary and bronchial arterial systems.’
    • ‘It then continues cranialward to bifurcate into an appropriate intercostal and a right bronchial artery.’
    • ‘Instances also occur of two distinct bronchial arteries for each lung.’
    • ‘Pulmonary as well as bronchial arterial angiography did not identify any irregularity.’
    • ‘These potent chemicals dilate blood vessels and constrict bronchial air passages.’
    • ‘On the other hand, melatonin reportedly induced contraction of bovine bronchial smooth muscle.’
    • ‘The distal bronchial lumen often ends abruptly because the smaller bronchi are plugged with mucus.’
    • ‘It runs the entire length of the bronchial tree and forms an extensive submucosal bronchial plexus.’
    • ‘They reduce mucosal oedema and bronchial hyperreactivity thus relieving acute symptoms and preventing structural damage to the lungs.’
    • ‘In humans, the presence of asthma is associated with an increase in DC numbers in the bronchial mucosa.’
    • ‘Some of the mineral dusts can directly translocate into the bronchial mucosa without the help of macrophages.’
    • ‘The medical term for lung cancer is bronchial carcinoma.’
    • ‘Histamine release produces increased bronchial tone in the lungs and vasodilation in the skin.’
    • ‘Small bronchial arterial branches to the left upper lobe were ligated.’
    • ‘Bleeding occurs most often from erosion of a bronchial artery and rarely from major pulmonary vessels.’
    • ‘He said Mr Nutton died from bronchial pneumonia and a neurological disorder known as Binswanger's Disease.’
    • ‘Vascular and bronchial connections to surrounding tissue were evaluated at surgery.’
    • ‘This suggests progressive bronchial and/or arterial disease in the infants.’



/ˈbräNGkēəl/ /ˈbrɑŋkiəl/