Definition of brothel creepers in English:

brothel creepers

plural noun

  • Soft-soled suede shoes.

    • ‘I took to wearing baggy suits and brothel creepers’
    • ‘It is a decade since a newspaper devoted its front page to a giant photograph of Kenneth Clarke's trademark brothel creepers and asked: ‘Who can fill these shoes?’’
    • ‘This was in the mid-seventies when the sight of brothel creepers, fluorescent socks, drape coats and drainpipe trousers was as outrageous as seeing a man ride down the street on a penny farthing.’
    • ‘When it comes to wreath laying he shambles up in his brothel creepers and plonks it down like a poor old codger putting the empties out and totters back to resume his monkeyhouse act at the Proprietor's shoulder.’


brothel creepers

/ˈbräːTHəl ˌkrēpərz/ /ˈbrɑːθəl ˌkripərz/