Definition of brown bagging in English:

brown bagging


  • 1The practice of bringing one's own packed lunch to work.

    ‘Hands down, brown-bagging is the best way to avoid all the bad-for-you stuff.’
    • ‘If you want to eat exactly what you like and what gives you energy, and you want to know for sure what's in your lunch, then brown-bagging is a great option.’
    • ‘Brown bagging is the way to go.’
  • 2The practice of bringing one's own liquor to a restaurant or club that cannot sell alcoholic beverages.

    ‘Call ahead to make sure that brown bagging is allowed where you're going.’
    • ‘Wine or beer isn't available in this dry county, but brown-bagging is allowed.’
    • ‘Brown bagging is allowed at the Junction and we will label it at the door for you.’