Definition of brown owl in English:

brown owl


  • 1

    another term for tawny owl

    • ‘At present there is a brown owl, white-faced owls and natal francolin in the room.’
    • ‘The actual benefits will be the natural vegetation of the riverbank corridor; increasing diversity of wildlife, such as brown owls, water voles, kingfishers and otters, as well as providing cover and food for fish populations.’
    • ‘She looked down to the tree in the backyard and noticed a small brown owl sitting on one of the branches.’
    • ‘This dumpy little brown owl, with its icing sugar spots, can sometimes be seen perched on street lights, snapping up the moths that whirl around them dementedly.’
    • ‘They tried hawk and bittern but the Gluttons chickened out after digesting a particularly stringy old brown owl, deciding to concentrate their studies on the effects of the port accompanying their meat instead.’
  • 2

    (also Brown Owl)
    British informal The adult leader of a group of Brownies, officially termed the Brownie Guider since 1968.

    • ‘I've been a Brown Owl on and off since 1967, totalling 25 years in all.’
    • ‘Married with two children, she has lived in the area for many years, and her 20 years of voluntary work includes long service with the Guide Association for which she acts as a Brown Owl.’
    • ‘It was a Brown Owl informing him that there were children present.’
    • ‘Anyone interested in becoming a Brown Owl would receive full training and police checks before taking over from Janet.’