Definition of brown recluse in English:

brown recluse


(also brown recluse spider)
  • A brown venomous North American spider, identifiable by the dark brown violin-shaped marking on the top of its orange-yellow head.

    Loxosceles reclusa, family Loxoscelidae

    ‘Despite their negative reputation, brown recluse spiders get blamed for crimes they did not commit, says an arachnologist who is doing his best to set the record straight.’
    • ‘The brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reclusa, often gets a particularly bad rap.’
    • ‘The spider was a brown recluse, I think, which is very poisonous.’
    • ‘If the bite is known to be from a brown recluse or black widow, or if signs of infection develop, seek medical attention.’
    • ‘Other Loxosceles spiders exist in the southwest, although most ulcerating spider bites are caused by the brown recluse.’