Definition of brume in English:


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  • Mist or fog.

    ‘the birds rise like brume’
    • ‘‘I can't wait until the summer,’ Ken told him, but while keeping his face pointed out into space, as if he could somehow see a vision of himself and Caden at the ocean under the warm sun somewhere out there in the gloomy brume.’
    • ‘Some Examples: The glauzy and noisome Soul-Siphon settles like a brume.’
    • ‘It had dissipated like a brume in a breeze.’
    haze, fog, smog, murk, cloud, cloudiness, mistiness, Scotch mist, haar, vapour, drizzle, spray



/bro͞om/ /brum/


Late 15th century (denoting the winter solstice): from Old French, from Latin bruma ‘winter, wintry weather’. The sense ‘mist or fog’ dates from the late 17th century.