Definition of brushwood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrəSHˌwo͝od/ /ˈbrəʃˌwʊd/

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  • Undergrowth, twigs, and small branches, typically used for firewood or kindling.

    ‘Its name is thought to mean the rough ground covered with brushwood and undergrowth.’
    • ‘Fire danger becomes extreme when there is a lot of vegetation and brushwood in the forest combined with low relative air humidity, high air temperature and wind speed, and a low moisture content of vegetation and brushwood.’
    • ‘The bread is made on a fire with brushwood that you find; curiously, there is always wood to be had in the desert, although all you can see is sand.’
    • ‘We found logs, brushwood, broken glass and syringes littering the floor and it's a mess.’
    • ‘While they're generally expensive, they will last for years and are quick and simple to use, making them ideal for city gardens where collecting quantities of brushwood is simply out of the question.’
    • ‘In Krinding - a makeshift camp of brushwood and plastic close to Sudan's border with Chad - the stories are all horribly similar.’
    • ‘The old and disused graveyards present a problem more so, as weeds and brushwood have over the decades taken over.’
    • ‘Though Irineo would not trust anyone else to assist him on his expeditions, he won't let Fulgencio pack or even cook, only help load and herd the llamas, get water and gather brushwood for the fire.’
    • ‘After they scrambled out of the grotto, the apostles conducted Ivan round the corner of the cliff, where the vertical granite wall turned into a less steep slope covered with thick brushwood.’
    • ‘Sometimes besiegers piled up firewood and brushwood at the gates or walls of their intended target in order to start fires that, they hoped, would damage their enemies' defenses.’
    • ‘The animal at last, through fatigue, stopped, and he found, by the glare of lightning, that he was in the neighbourhood of a hovel that hardly lifted itself up from the masses of dead leaves and brushwood which surrounded it.’
    • ‘They erected such corrals at intervals of approximately six-hour marches, always near drinking water, pasture and brushwood for the fire.’
    • ‘After the usual preliminaries a smiling countrywoman appeared, bearing a platter on which nestled a large sea bass in a bed of tinder-dry brushwood gathered from the beach.’
    • ‘He proposed that they should spend the winter cutting brushwood on a hillside some miles away for sale as fuel, and that they should then save the proceeds for investment.’
    • ‘The boat was found next to a causeway - a double line of posts packed with brushwood and stones - running from the shore to one of the islands.’
    • ‘The trackway, made of bundles of brushwood pegged down with stakes, was just wide enough for a single person or animal to walk along.’
    • ‘She fought through the tangle of brushwood trying to catch up with her fleeing friend.’
    • ‘It's said that in the old days the warriors of the Satsuma domain [in Kyushu] would strike a bundle of brushwood ten thousand times every day, but I could only manage about five hundred at best.’
    • ‘Despite whether it was the suspicious friendliness of the strange man or his conclusions on his own childhood Nitrus leapt out of the brushwood at the man, determined to take him down… somehow.’
    undergrowth, underwood, scrub, scrubland, brushwood, bracken, bushes