Definition of bubbie in English:



informal US
  • (chiefly Jewish) one's grandmother.

    • ‘as a child, I remember my bubbie singing Yiddish songs’
    • ‘on sabbath evenings, Bubbie would don a special kerchief’
    • ‘With everything this devoted bubbie (Yiddish for grandmother) gives to her umpteen offspring, one would think Chaya should have little time for her ‘chicken business,’ but she is very organized and dedicated.’
    • ‘Bubbie, my sweet grandmother, was a small woman, barely five feet tall and her candelabra wasn't just a candle holder used for the Sabbath and Hanukkah lights.’
    • ‘Now ladies, I'm not saying we should all follow our bubbies and throw on a babushka - I'm just saying, sometimes a little cover up goes a long way…’
    chest, bosom, breasts



/ˈbo͝obē/ /ˈbʊbi/ /ˈbəbē/ /ˈbəbi/


From Yiddish bube ‘grandmother’.