Definition of bucket brigade in English:

bucket brigade


  • A line of people who pass buckets of water from one to another to put out a fire.

    ‘Even the building right next door was burning, so they formed a bucket brigade in a frantic effort to keep the flames from consuming the dojo as well.’
    • ‘We formed a bucket brigade but decided it was of no use.’
    • ‘These rows act as linear tracks along which microtubules can be passed: the kinesin molecules pass the tubules to one another like a bucket brigade.’
    • ‘Selig may have motivated the Twins the way a fire motivates a bucket brigade, and he did get doused.’
    • ‘What they need help with is mostly serving meals and answering phones - they aren't dragooning people into serving on bucket brigades.’
    • ‘Using newly invented leather hoses and hand-pumped fire engines, the volunteers were able to douse fires more efficiently than bucket brigades.’
    • ‘Their experiments also demonstrate that loops with multiple peaks act as shift registers, or components that pass bits along from one position to the next, in the manner of a bucket brigade.’
    • ‘That fire lasted for nearly half an hour but was put out by a very active bucket brigade.’
    • ‘But there will also be an extensive range of activities designed to show off firefighters' professional skills, including a road accident rescue, high angle rescue, a fire engine rodeo and bucket brigade event.’
    • ‘The result can be compared to a bucket brigade in which a hundred people are required to cover the distance to the water needed to put the fire out, but only a few buckets are available.’
    • ‘The guards, along with the school's safety officer, put out the blaze using a fire extinguisher and a bucket brigade.’
    • ‘Through this project, the EMS set up bucket brigades that trained community members to extinguish fires.’
    • ‘If Catholic Bishops formed a bucket brigade to put out a burning building, she would stand in the middle and drop the buckets to protest the Church's refusal to ordain women.’
    • ‘The original bucket brigade involved chains of people, buckets of water, and putting out fires.’
    • ‘With his neighbours' assistance, Ralph started a bucket brigade but the water pressure was low and the fire spread rapidly.’
    • ‘Many vessels burned and smoked; there were cries and screams, and bucket brigades working frantically to stanch the fires that flared in dull red and sickly yellow hues through the gloom.’
    • ‘Soldiers fight full-contact battles at night, and the next day they could be putting out a fire with a bucket brigade or handing out pens at schools.’