Definition of buckminsterfullerene in English:



  • A form of carbon having molecules of 60 atoms arranged in a polyhedron resembling a geodesic sphere.

    See also fullerene

    ‘The Nobel prize was awarded in 1996 to their discoverers, who had formally named the molecule buckminsterfullerene for its resemblance to the geodesic domes of architect R. Buckminster Fuller.’
    • ‘The first fullerene, a sixty-atom cage called buckminsterfullerene, was discovered in 1985.’
    • ‘When 12 of buckminsterfullerene's 60 carbons are replaced by nitrogens, it can link up with other ‘buckyballs ‘to form a strong and springy material.’’
    • ‘The most famous is buckminsterfullerene, discovered in 1985, which is made up of 60 carbon atoms arranged in 12 pentagonal rings and 20 hexagonal rings.’
    • ‘This is how I think about the fact that buckminsterfullerene, C 60, reached macroscopic stability - in the special reaction conditions of a carbon arc in a helium atmosphere.’



/ˌbəkminstərˈfo͝oləˌrēn/ /ˌbəkmɪnstərˈfʊləˌrin/


1980s named after Richard Buckminster Fuller (see Fuller, R. Buckminster).