Definition of buckwheat in English:



  • An Asian plant of the dock family, producing starchy seeds that are used for fodder and also milled into flour which is widely used in the US.

    Fagopyrum esculentum, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘Increase whole grains such as millet, buckwheat, quinoa, oats, rye and barley.’
    • ‘Add in the buckwheat, the vegetables and the pain d' épice, and toss lightly to coat, making sure the ingredients are nicely blended.’
    • ‘Try buckwheat as an alternative source of complex carbohydrates for breakfast or any other meal or snack.’
    • ‘Just be sure to turn under the succulent green growth before the buckwheat goes to seed.’
    • ‘With protection, annual vegetables and flowers thrive, as do wind-tolerant perennials like buckwheats, grasses, and penstemons.’
    • ‘This result is consistent with observations for other species that show Al-stimulated organic acid anion release, including wheat, maize and buckwheat.’
    • ‘Other foods are yams, millet, corn, wheat, buckwheat, and sorghum.’
    • ‘Ohsawa and Tsutsumi showed that the buckwheat plants sown in the early summer contained higher amounts of rutin than the plants sown in the late summer.’
    • ‘Homologous sequences of PER1 were also isolated from Arabidopsis, rice, buckwheat, and wheat.’
    • ‘Now you can choose from mixtures of whole barley, buckwheat, triticale, amaranth, rye, kamut, and more.’
    • ‘The fillings are incredibly, filling, rich and tasty, with the buckwheat in the crêpes giving everything a good, nutty texture.’
    • ‘Drink nettle or dandelion teas and eat foods rich in vitamin B6, including sunflower seeds, brown rice, buckwheat and avocados.’
    • ‘Wedding hypothesized that sunlight caused a chemical reaction with the buckwheat as it traversed the cutaneous blood vessels in nonpigmented areas.’
    • ‘‘When it comes to pancakes,’ Cheryl says, ‘we like buckwheats and buttermilks with equal enthusiasm, and we keep a jar of sourdough starter in the refrigerator for serious pancake cravings.’’
    • ‘Barley and buckwheat have more amino acid than rice and flour.’
    • ‘A few whole grains you should add to your diet include brown and wild rice, barley, oats, kasha, quinoa, bulgur and buckwheat.’
    • ‘Cereals such as oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, rye, sesame, nuts and seeds are preferable.’
    • ‘The primary sources of flour, for example, are potato, buckwheat, corn, rice and quinoa, all of which contain high amounts of carbs.’
    • ‘They might have a thick home-made smoothie or something warm if it's cold, such as oats, buckwheat, millet or quinoa porridge - the most nutritious of all the grains.’
    • ‘The peasant staples were rye bread, and porridge made from oats, buckwheat, or wheat.’


Mid 16th century from Middle Dutch boecweite ‘beech wheat’, its grains being shaped like beechmast.