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transitive verbpast participle verb built/bɪlt/

[with object]
  • 1Construct (something) by putting parts or material together.

    • ‘the ironworks were built in 1736’
    construct, erect, put up, assemble, set up, raise
    make, construct, fabricate, form, manufacture, create, fashion, model, mould, shape, forge
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    1. 1.1Commission, finance, and oversee the building of (something)
      • ‘the county council plans to build a bypass’
    2. 1.2Computing Compile (a program, database, index, etc.)
      • ‘you can build database applications without writing any code’
  • 2Make stronger or more intense.

    • ‘we built up confidence in our abilities’
    boost, strengthen, increase, improve, invigorate, augment, raise, intensify, enhance, escalate, multiply, swell
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    1. 2.1no object Become stronger or more intense.
      • ‘the air of excited anticipation builds’
    2. 2.2Establish and develop (a business or situation) over a period of time.
      ‘they need to build a strong relationship with journal users’
      • ‘people scrimp and save to build a better life for their children’
      establish, found, set up, originate, institute, start, begin, inaugurate, initiate, put in place, constitute, secure
      establish, set up, form, found, institute, start, begin, bring into being, create, inaugurate, organize
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/bild/ /bɪld/


  • 1The dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body.

    ‘she was of medium height and slim build’
    • ‘he has the ideal build for a sprinter’
    • ‘Katherine is described as 5ft 4ins tall and of slim build, with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.’
    • ‘Judging by their build and scarred bodies, they had definitely seen a few fights in an earlier life.’
    • ‘Shymala enjoys the facility and vivacity frequently seen in small dancers, tidy in build, ideally proportioned.’
    • ‘In fact, all sorts of combinations go into the mix to produce the ideal technique for each individual body build.’
    • ‘All men have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same build, a compound of earth, air, fire, and water.’
    • ‘The suspects are all males between 15 and 20, of slim to medium build.’
    • ‘She was a woman of average height, had an athletic body build, and was very attractive.’
    • ‘His striped tail was more than half the size of his body and his build seemed kind of stocky.’
    • ‘The man holding the pistol was described by staff as white, tall and of proportionate build.’
    • ‘The man was white, believed to be under 40 years old and of medium to slim build.’
    • ‘I wonder whether trying to get his body into that fantastic build has affected him with strains and pulls.’
    • ‘The first attacker is described as male, in his early 20s and of mixed race, around 6ft in height and of slim build.’
    • ‘The first suspect is described as a male, 6ft tall and of proportionate build, 25 years old.’
    • ‘The first of two men involved in the theft was described as in his early forties, 5ft 10 in, clean shaven and of slim build.’
    • ‘Both men were white, slim to medium build and had dark hair.’
    • ‘So far, she has been able to tell officers that her attacker was either Asian or of mixed race, had a slim and muscular build and short dark hair.’
    • ‘He is described as white, aged 25 to 30 with a slim to stocky build and spoke with a local accent.’
    • ‘The youth is described as dark skinned, of slim, athletic build, with dark, short hair.’
    • ‘Mr Jones is 5ft 11in tall, of proportionate build, with brown eyes and cropped black hair.’
    • ‘His build and his style are suited to hill running, but it also seems to be something he wants to do.’
    physique, frame, body, figure, form, structure, shape, make-up, formation, stature
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  • 2The style or form of construction of something, especially a vehicle.

    ‘the car's high specification and impressive build quality’
    • ‘Reliability shouldn't be a problem either, the manufacturer having a good build quality these days.’
    • ‘On the build quality front, though, they're all square and both are excellent.’
    • ‘The public have realised that the build quality on the cars is high and that the prices give them great value for money.’
    • ‘A simple glance at the long slim solid looking rectangular battery pack demonstrates a quality build.’
    • ‘The Polo impresses immediately by the quality and solidity of its build.’
    • ‘There's nothing particularly clever about the build of the site.’
    • ‘What impresses me most about this latest Malibu is the build quality.’
    • ‘The build quality of the equipment from Sea-Lion is superb and they are committed to research and development in a big way.’
    • ‘The build quality was up to scratch, the cars looked gorgeous and came, of course, with those pacy motors.’
    • ‘It costs about the same as a Freelander new but tends to hold its value better, a testament to its build quality.’
    • ‘Excellent build quality, attractive lines and some clever features add up to luxury housing for your PC bits.’
    • ‘You have to appreciate the extra leg-room and the build quality (especially in the cabin).’
    • ‘Take the build quality - superb for a car in this segment.’
    • ‘The Volvo has space, understated style, build quality and practicality.’
    • ‘Drivers can be assured that the build quality is going to be second to none and the badge is just as prestigious as anything to come out of Germany.’
    • ‘Although she was built in 1976, her excellent condition attests to both the build quality and the good care taken of her.’
    • ‘The build quality compares favourably with my car, and it is much better than the last 9-3 convertible.’
    • ‘Excellent build quality combined with a surprising amount of cabin and boot space makes this a highly practical city car.’
    • ‘Its performance and fuel consumption go a long way towards offsetting its high price and its build quality is second to none.’
    • ‘Tranzit Group reports a high degree of satisfaction with both the Volvo components and the designline build.’
    pattern, form, shape, format, structure, configuration, construction, frame, build, model, design, arrangement, organization, formation, figure, cast, kind, brand, make, line, type, cut, style
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  • 3Computing
    A compiled version of a program.

    ‘a beta build of the program’
    • ‘For workstations, standard system builds or images with commonly used software should be established for groups of users.’
    • ‘They have slightly different builds and firmware, and they work differently.’
    • ‘Both provide native builds and clear, intuitive installers.’
    • ‘In many cases, these are the very latest versions of these browsers (not counting nightly builds, of course).’
    • ‘The script can also append status reports to an HTML page visible to everyone so programmers and testers can quickly determine which builds were successful.’
    1. 3.1The process of compiling a program.
      ‘The LinuxBIOS build process bears little resemblance to the Linux kernel build process.’
      • ‘He said, though, Microsoft hoped to resolve these kinds of problems in the future by moving testing into the software build process.’
      • ‘Yet there is rarely enough time set aside for that in the software build process.’
      • ‘To add a new driver to the kernel build process, a single line needs to be added if the driver is contained within a single file.’
      • ‘We have defensively incorporated these checks into our internal build processes.’
      • ‘Everything you ship to customers should be produced by the daily build process.’
      • ‘The build process can take awhile and doesn't produce a great deal of output to the screen.’
      • ‘If you have both MySQL and SQLite on your system, support is compiled for both at build time.’
      • ‘You can use the editor of your choice to edit the file, and the PHP build process continues when you are done.’
      • ‘It seems that the trojan is executed during build only.’



/bild/ /bɪld/


    build one's hopes up
    • Become ever more hopeful or optimistic about something.

      ‘don't build your hopes up, Julia, you'll only get hurt’
      • ‘We had been building our hopes up of getting into the Premiership, but then had it snatched away from us at the very end.’
      • ‘You know at every stage of in vitro fertilisation that treatment could fail so it's best not to build your hopes up.’
      • ‘I knew I would walk again although I was told not to build my hopes up too high.’
      • ‘Steve was disappointed, but he had been intelligent enough to read between the lines, so he hadn't built his hopes up.’
      • ‘She said: ‘I don't want to get over-excited and build my hopes up but I hope this will change my life.’’
      • ‘After building your hopes up on Friday for an exciting weekend to come I must apologise for disappointing you.’
      • ‘There's nothing I can do without the money and there's no point in getting all excited and building my hopes up and not being able to go at the end of the day.’
      • ‘And I'm trying not to think about reproductive issues - I've been here before building my hopes up only to have them dashed.’
      • ‘Then, when he dared to build his hopes up again after making it back for Scotland's summer tour of the southern hemisphere, he wrecked his ankle in the opening half hour of the trip.’
      • ‘Why do we bother building our hopes up over the England team?’
    built on sand
    • Without reliable foundations or any real substance.

      ‘with the benefit of hindsight it can be seen that his argument was built on sand’
      • ‘what more could you expect from a relationship built upon sand?’
      • ‘The whole school system is built on sand because it is trying to teach children who lack social stability.’
      • ‘It is only in the hindsight that life reveals whether the foundation is built on sand or stone.’
      • ‘Your Honour, I want to emphasise, this is a foundation built on sand.’
      • ‘We must recognise, however, as many modern philosophers have done, that the bases are at least as likely to be built on sand as they are on rock.’
      • ‘Drama develops out of a crisis when Marchbanks declares his love for Candida to Morell, who suddenly realises that the foundations of his marriage are built on sand.’
      • ‘But just as important, the arguments supporting the policy are unraveling and there is increasing awareness that its rationale is built on sand.’
      • ‘At the same time, if we have interpreted that event wrongly in the sense that there is no discontinuity discoverable there, the rest of the endeavor would probably be built on sand.’
      • ‘Does he recognise that the house built on rock, i.e., a solid infrastructure, will endure while that built on sand (promises and promises) will surely fall?’
      • ‘His kingship is built on sand, witches and puppeteers pull his strings, and Lady Macbeth shouts at him like a fish wife when he forgets to deposit his murder weapons on Duncan's guards.’
      • ‘When your faith brings you more downs than ups you probably have ‘blind faith’ (faith that is not well grounded - a house built on sand, to borrow a phrase).’

Phrasal Verbs

    build in
    • build something in, build in somethingIncorporate something and make it a permanent part of a structure, system, or situation.

      • ‘engineers want to build in extra traction’
    build on
    • build on somethingUse something as a basis for further development.

      • ‘Britain should build on the talents of its workforce’
    build up
    • 1build something up, build up somethingAssemble or accumulate something by putting parts or material together.

      ‘he was an obsessive collector of paintings, drawings, and sculpture, and he built up a huge collection’
      • ‘over the years she has built up a lot of contacts from her travels’
      1. 1.1build something up, build up somethingEstablish and develop an organization or situation over a period of time.
        ‘he'd built up the store from nothing’
        • ‘you've worked so hard to build up a business’
        establish, set up, form, found, institute, start, begin, bring into being, create, inaugurate, organize
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      2. 1.2build someone or something up, build up someone or somethingPromote or support someone or something.
        ‘the media only build you up so they can pull you down’
        • ‘she constantly built him up and boosted his confidence’
    • 2build someone or something up, build up someone or somethingMake a person or their body stronger.

      ‘if you want to build yourself up you can go to the gym’
      • ‘physical exercise builds up your muscles’
      boost, strengthen, increase, improve, invigorate, augment, raise, intensify, enhance, escalate, multiply, swell
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    • 3Become stronger or more intense; grow or accumulate.

      ‘I felt tears building up in my eyes’
      • ‘harmful chemicals build up in a fire’
      • ‘so much mistrust has built up over the years’
    build up to
    • Prepare with increasing intensity for a significant point or event.

      • ‘the film builds up to a great climax’


Old English byldan, from bold, botl ‘dwelling’, of Germanic origin; related to bower.