Definition of building block in English:

building block

Pronunciation /ˈbildiNG bläk/ /ˈbɪldɪŋ blɑk/

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  • 1A child's toy brick, typically made of wood or plastic.

    ‘These are quite old fashioned toys, like wooden building blocks, wooden yachts and so on.’
    • ‘In the Mendelson hall, for example, there is a box of Lego and another of wooden building blocks.’
    • ‘It consists of seven boxes that purport to contain sets of the popular Lego brand plastic building blocks.’
    • ‘Halfway across the room Tamela sat by herself, sulkily hitting plastic building blocks against each other.’
    • ‘Its building blocks are black plastic milk crates, and it is topped with a sheet of corrugated red metal.’
    • ‘If adults found building blocks and Tinker toys as fascinating as toddlers do, they'd sell them in Sharper Image.’
    • ‘He wrote children's books and invented numerous toys, including building blocks and the first children's paint-box.’
    • ‘He bent down and pick up the item, one of Joey's toy building blocks.’
    • ‘The cars, building blocks and dolls are a colourful reminder of the cares of motherhood.’
    • ‘The room was soon filled with rocking horses, toy trains, model airplanes, and building blocks.’
    • ‘In water play, children discover their own building blocks and sculpture materials.’
    • ‘There are no words in the wall of the children's lettered building blocks.’
    • ‘Little Aaron found his niche playing with building blocks and was well settled by the time his parents left.’
    • ‘Lego has come a long way from simple bricks: the Robotics Invention System is modern-day Meccano that brings a touch of Nasa-style interaction to the basic building block.’
  • 2A basic unit from which something is built up.

    ‘sounds are the building blocks of language’
    • ‘When I was going to those places, sometimes I would have to take what would roughly equate to an infantry section, which is the basic building block of a military unit.’
    • ‘This was important to physicists because all the basic building blocks of matter are fermions.’
    • ‘Again, the conclusion is that there is a rather small region of parameter space in which the basic building blocks of chemical complexity can exist.’
    • ‘The basic building block is a centralized mail repository, a place where users go for all their messages.’
    • ‘As Maggie herself has pointed out, the institution of marriage is one of the basic building blocks of every society.’
    • ‘Plants make their own food, from a dozen basic building blocks that they borrow from the environment.’
    • ‘You cannot claim to be an educated person, while remaining ignorant of these basic building blocks of our civilisation.’
    • ‘Stem cells, taken from embryos, are the basic building blocks from which tissues and organs grow.’
    • ‘These two chapters provide the basic building blocks for the rest of the book.’
    • ‘It's a food chain that ranges from giant fields and plumes of the basic building block bacteria to curious octopuses and swarms of shrimp and crabs and red-tipped worms.’
    • ‘Education is a basic building block of human development.’
    • ‘The organic molecule, a basic building block of proteins, is found in all kinds of fish - not just the oily varieties thought to be the most healthy.’
    • ‘We are accustomed to regarding the sovereign nation-state as the basic building block of world order.’
    • ‘A big lesson of the last few decades of cell biology is that all cells use the same basic building blocks for a large number of processes.’
    • ‘Here are four steps that will provide the basic building blocks for a prosperous future.’
    • ‘The traditional family and family roles are considered to be basic building blocks of patriarchy.’
    • ‘Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and proteins are the building blocks of muscle mass.’
    • ‘Just as stars are the building blocks of galaxies, galaxies are the building blocks of the universe.’
    • ‘The program components are building blocks for good leadership: awareness, competence and respect.’
    • ‘Indian leaders saw education and technology as the building blocks of their infant nation's future.’