Definition of bulbul in English:



  • A tropical African and Asian songbird that typically has a melodious voice and drab plumage. Many kinds have a crest.

    Family Pycnonotidae: several genera and numerous species

    ‘However, I stray from the purpose of our trip: birds, which were no less alluring than all the scenes mentioned above, with names such as leafbirds, bulbuls, coucals, laughingthrushes, babblers, sunbirds and junglefowl.’
    • ‘Of the songbirds, the light-vented bulbul was a symbol of longevity thanks to the white cap on its head, which gave it the appearance of a white-haired old man.’
    • ‘Flocks of wintering water birds include the thrush, the kingfisher, the robin, the shama, the barbet, the bee-eater, the flycatcher, the sunbird, the bulbul and the drongo.’
    • ‘‘We feed the birds in our garden and have enjoyed seeing several parents feeding their young - among them bulbuls, barbets, mousebirds and weavers,’ she says.’
    • ‘Out back I watched two house sparrows and two white-cheeked bulbuls fruitlessly chasing a large white moth.’



/ˈbo͝olˌbo͝ol/ /ˈbʊlˌbʊl/


Mid 17th century from Persian, of imitative origin.