Definition of bulimarexia in English:



mass nounUS
another term for "bulimia nervosa" (see bulimia)
  • ‘The juxtaposition of two accounts of Tanya's bulimarexia provides insight into the effects an eating disorder can have on a family.’
  • ‘There is a childish selfishness to bulimarexia, - I'm going to do this to my body and you can't stop me.’
  • ‘I have had issues with bulimarexia and am bipolar as well.’
  • ‘Still others are equally driven to lose weight by purging in one form or another whether binge eating or not (bulimarexia).’
  • ‘I have bulimarexia. It is hard on me. I've been through a lot. All started when I first found out I had depression and it's getting worse because of numerous other problems.’


1970s blend of bulimia and anorexia.



/bjʊˌlɪməˈrɛksɪə/ /bʊˌlɪməˈrɛksɪə/