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  • A dividing wall or barrier between compartments in a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.

    ‘The frigates have a double-skinned hull divided by ten bulkheads into watertight compartments.’
    • ‘The submarine consists of six watertight compartments separated by transverse bulkheads in a pressurised double-hull.’
    • ‘The aft compartment extended from the wing rear beam to a point forward of the aft pressure bulkhead of the fuselage.’
    • ‘One industry source said that the airlines and the two big manufacturers Boeing and Airbus will discuss fixing bulletproof barriers to bulkheads, separating the pilot's cabin from the rest of the plane.’
    • ‘Components such as keel, engine beds, mast step, structural bulkheads and rigging loads are all connected to the grid, resulting in a very rigid and strong structure.’
    • ‘I had assumed this to be from the deck above, but on reflection it could easily have been the bulkhead separating the stoke hold from the coal bunkers.’
    • ‘The air conditioning panel was located on the bulkhead aft of the crew door.’
    • ‘Three main fuel cells are installed aft of the cabin bulkhead and two feed cells are under the cabin floor.’
    • ‘Improper support can cause the hull to distort, causing cracked bulkheads, engine misalignment or broken stringers.’
    • ‘The engine room, its bulkheads and ballast tanks were flooded and its starboard decks were awash.’
    • ‘The pontoon's superstructure is divided by two longitudinal bulkheads into three functional sections.’
    • ‘As the students repair leaks from damaged bulkheads the hull can be progressively flooded with water and rolled through 20 degrees, just like a ship at sea.’
    • ‘The fiberglass lay-up of the hull is substantial and is generally well, supported by fiberglass-encased stringers, frames and plywood bulkheads securely tabbed to the hull.’
    • ‘Boeing changed their manufacturing process for landing gear bulkheads to take advantage of the high-speed machining.’
    • ‘To their credit the builders have used bulkheads that are watertight between the hull and cabin soles to divide the boat into three separate compartments.’
    • ‘For the most part, stringers could be copied from originals but bulkheads required a lot more work.’
    • ‘Eventually I settle for entering the aft hold and follow the propshaft tunnel forward to the engine-room bulkhead.’
    • ‘Along the bulkheads of the area once reserved for officer berthing, hang small plates engraved with the names of ships that have had shipboard fires - from World War I to the present.’
    • ‘Certainly, Vincent and Ower's study of hedgehog and porcupine spines showed the efficiency of similar stringers and bulkheads at preventing local buckling in an otherwise hollow structure.’
    • ‘Vestibule bulkheads were attached inside the body and the end windows were blanked off A Cal-Scale tailgate was added to complete the car.’



/ˈbəlkˌhed/ /ˈbəlkˌhɛd/


Late 15th century from Old Norse bálkr ‘partition’+ head.