Definition of bull market in English:

bull market


Stock Market
  • A market in which share prices are rising, encouraging buying.

    • ‘Therefore, your pension is priced for a bull market, not a bear market, and as a result is very risky.’
    • ‘However, in a bull market, when share prices are rising, nobody cares.’
    • ‘With the emergence of a new bull market, growth shares are coming back into fashion.’
    • ‘Tech stocks led the way up in the last bull market and had spectacular hangovers in the bear market.’
    • ‘It is completely impossible for this bear market rally to somehow turn into a new bull market.’
    • ‘The rules for success in the last bull market do not apply to this severe bear market.’
    • ‘Within each cycle a bull market of 32 months is followed by a bear market of about 14 months.’
    • ‘Thus, growth stocks outperform a bull market and under perform a bear market.’
    • ‘Funds that held up well in the bear market ultimately fared better than those that roared during the bull market.’
    • ‘A bull market generally refers to a prolonged rise in prices of stocks and bonds and other investments, or the market as a whole.’
    • ‘Investor fear over falling energy prices is the main ingredient for our energy bull market.’
    • ‘One sign of a bull market is that investors are willing to pay higher prices.’
    • ‘This is fine in a bull market, but not much use if the market is falling.’
    • ‘The fall of the last share safe haven is a sign of a new bull market.’
    • ‘Or are options just a sophisticated way of robbing shareholders' money in a bull market?’
    • ‘But it also marked the point at which the bull market in junior gold shares ended once and for all.’
    • ‘Any rational analysis would suggest that the bull market was over and prices had peaked.’
    • ‘These days the market doesn't grow more bullish with every advance as is typical of a genuine bull market.’
    • ‘During the bull market when everything was doing well, the banks got more aggressive about their deals.’
    • ‘Stocks have been in a bull market in anticipation that a strong economic recovery is on the way.’


bull market