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bullet point

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  • 1Each of several items in a list, preceded by a bullet symbol for emphasis.

    ‘use bullet points to remind you what to say’
    • ‘So, for you, and for nobody else, here's a bullet point list of what I've been doing while I've been away, just so that we can all catch up: • Having a frustrating moving day.’
    • ‘In the weeks coming up to the exams, a good thing to encourage your child to do is a bullet point summary after each module.’
    • ‘Within our submission we have the bullet point summary of some of the issues and some of the proposals.’
    • ‘To me it sounded like a bullet point from some junior consultant's PowerPoint presentation.’
    • ‘Let's take the first stat in the first bullet point.’
    • ‘If there is one thing I know about business - thanks to these books - it is the importance of the bullet point, and maybe a big box around it to emphasise that this is a Really Big Idea.’
    • ‘But the second bullet point indicates that they fasten onto ‘Internet content which is hosted in Australia’ and it is the ‘Internet content host’ that is an Australian.’
    • ‘To reflect this, the third bullet point in paragraph 12 of Annex D of the guidance should read ‘for permanent exclusion, the Discipline Committee should normally satisfy itself, etc’.’
    • ‘Alas, when writing for reference, being dull is part of job description (right next to the bullet point where it says that using excessive adverbs is just plain silly).’
    • ‘It is not necessary to consider the last bullet point, and notwithstanding the writer's valiant efforts to persuade us to the contrary, we are not persuaded that an argument based on Article 14 can succeed.’
    • ‘The first bullet point is: the Minister must consider all of the applications lodged at the same time and the winner of the ballot will succeed only if all applications are equal.’
    • ‘The Tribunal considered, on balance, that the bullet point in the National Standards 2.2 which is the subject of this appeal restricts the exceptions to the consideration of siblings only.’
    • ‘It goes on to state in the next bullet point: ‘increase family income to significantly address issues of income adequacy:’.’
    • ‘The slogan shows itself in other ways too: when the communist manifesto was published in 1848, the second bullet point was a progressive tax system.’
    • ‘However, when I'm in the middle of my second bullet point, I am interrupted by a crumpled ball of paper that's just been thrown onto my side of the desk.’
    • ‘And you were going to finish off with the last bullet point about the structure of decision-making where legal advice is a critical consideration but not the final arbiter.’
    • ‘Simply tick the appropriate bullet point below.’
    • ‘So whilst I do not disagree with the bullet point that appears under paragraph 9, I think that comes at a later stage, and there is an opportunity there that should not be missed.’
    • ‘This should be illustrated in a highly-visible disclaimer on the application right next to the bullet point on indoctrination.’
    • ‘But the real kicker is the second bullet point - she will trap and remove possums for you for $5.’
    1. 1.1A bullet symbol.
      ‘I leafed first through the book and stopped to learn how to customise bullet points.’
      • ‘Graphic devices - bullet points, italic or bold type faces - should be used to highlight key points and conclusions.’


bullet point

/ˈbo͝olət point/ /ˈbʊlət pɔɪnt/