Definition of bundler in English:



  • 1A person or machine that packages something as or into a bundle.

    ‘the bundlers packaged finished yarn for shipment’
    • ‘The Timberjack 1490D bundler operator then picks up the slash piles and feeds them into the bundler as part of a continuous, feathered pile.’
    • ‘A few power companies are already beginning to explore a new role as bundler of energy services and coordinator of energy activity on the energy web that is forming.’
    • ‘The bundler then compresses, wraps and cuts a 10 ft. 'slash log' that will range in diameter from 24 inches to 36 inches.’
    • ‘The use of a forwarder-mounted bundler means he can use his forwarder to extract the bundles without modifying the load hunk to carry loose slash.’
    • ‘Once filled and lidded, the pint containers travel to a spiral hardener, get tamper banded, then move to a bundler that groups the pints into eight-item, shrink-wrapped sleeves.’
    • ‘A banker could sell you a mortgage and make gobs of money upfront and then offload your mortgage to a bundler who put a whole bunch together, chopped them into bonds and sold some to banks as far afield as Iceland.’
  • 2US A political fundraiser who collects contributions from donors on behalf of a campaign.

    ‘she was a bundler for Obama in 2012’
    • ‘Often individuals make donations at the suggestion of a bundler in their company.’
    • ‘For all their press releases promising watchfulness, the candidates have become increasingly addicted to bundlers.’
    • ‘Although the campaigns say they voluntarily report who their bundlers are, they are not required to report it to the FEC.’
    • ‘A spokesman said the campaign did its "absolute best" to vet all donors, but would not specifically say whether criminal checks were done for bundlers.’
    • ‘He may also be struggling to keep up in the race to build a network of so-called bundlers, who can collect donations from wealthy friends and business associates.’
    • ‘The senator has been burned twice lately by so-called bundlers – aspiring power brokers who harvest large amounts of smaller donations and bundle them into irresistibly giant packages.’
    • ‘With individual donations capped, bundlers commit to raise money from as many individuals as possible.’
    • ‘"In any instance where a source of a bundler's income is in question, the campaign will take affirmative steps to verify its origin," Wolfson said.’
    • ‘Currently, candidates must identify only those bundlers who collect and deliver contributions.’