Definition of bungee jumping in English:

bungee jumping


mass noun
  • The activity of leaping from a high place while secured by a long nylon-cased rubber band around the ankles.

    ‘the growing craze of bungee jumping’
    ‘last week she went bungee jumping’
    • ‘Moreover, there were other sports like dirt track motorbike racing and bungee jumping, yes Bungee Jumping, all the way from New Zealand to the heart of Delhi.’
    • ‘Besides, tourists can enjoy a lot of sports and fun in this mountain area: paragliding, bungee jumping, skiing, water skiing, golf, sailing, horse riding, and even donkey riding.’
    • ‘This is also a spot where skydiving and bungee jumping are highly popular and on a clear day we can spot a lot of adventure seekers taking their turn at these adventure sport.’
    • ‘Thinking of white water rafting, bungee jumping and motor sport certainly sends shivers down my spine.’
    • ‘‘With any of these adventure sports that people do - bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting - there are risks,’ says Blanchard.’
    • ‘The month-long adventure sports extravaganza will have bungee jumping, trampoline catapult, hot air ballooning, wall climbing, and obstacle courses.’
    • ‘For example, California's Sheep Mountain Wilderness, created in 1984, includes a bridge now used for bungee jumping.’
    • ‘The criteria that will make it on to anyone's list will be as subjective as can be, and make the reviewing of restaurants as individualistic a sport as bungee jumping or political analysis.’
    • ‘Next time we do it we will be looking to have a bear extreme sports day, with bungee jumping and other such sports.’
    • ‘Extreme sports like bungee jumping tend to fall off the priority list when you're married.’
    • ‘The desire to fly is natural in human kind, and while many defy gravity by base jumping, skydiving, and bungee jumping, others prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground until something a little less frightening comes along.’
    • ‘People love to jump from high altitudes in New Zealand, properly protected, of course, and it's not just bungee jumping that's popular here.’
    • ‘Attractions include bungee jumping on Gyeongpo Beach, folkloric festivals and temples.’
    • ‘The tactic clearly works, but is bungee jumping any scarier than facing a classroom full of five-year-olds?’
    • ‘Panda takes time off for sky-diving, bungee jumping and flying when not lecturing in universities and management institutes.’
    • ‘In a statement, his family said: ‘Steve worked hard, played hard and lived life to the max whether it be skydiving or bungee jumping.’’
    • ‘And she's into skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee jumping!’
    • ‘Though I was going to save bungee jumping, canyoning and the rest of the wild stuff for when I wasn't playing at being an Edwardian vicar, I had decided that paragliding was a must.’
    • ‘As the venue must be open to the public and meet health and safety regulations, more eccentric options such as marrying while sky-diving or bungee jumping are unlikely to gain approval.’
    • ‘Or maybe try getting some friends to sponsor you to do something you always wanted to try, but have never before had a reason to, from bungee jumping to parascending.’


bungee jumping

/ˈbʌndʒɪ dʒʌmpɪŋ/