Definition of burble in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbərbəl/


  • 1no object Make a continuous murmuring noise.

    ‘a stream burbled through the woods’
    gurgle, bubble, murmur, purr, purl, tinkle, whir, drone, rumble, buzz, hum
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    1. 1.1Speak continuously and at length in an unintelligible or confused way.
      ‘he burbled on about annuities’
      with object ‘he was burbling inanities’
      prattle, blather, blether, blither, babble, babble on, gabble, prate, drivel, rattle away, rattle on, ramble, maunder, go on, run on, talk at length, talk incessantly, talk a lot
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  • 2Aeronautics
    (of an airflow) break up into turbulence.

    ‘the air no longer flows smoothly over the wing but burbles and slows down, decreasing lift’


  • 1Continuous murmuring noise.

    ‘the steady burble of running water’
    • ‘As she crests the ridge, high above the water, she catches the first white-noise burble.’
    • ‘The engine kicks into life - but not so much with a deep-throated roar as a pleasing, tinny burble.’
    • ‘Gensets with integral sound shields can be very quiet, especially when fitted with exhaust systems that separate cooling water from the exhaust gas, avoiding the annoying burble/splash of the conventional exhaust system.’
    • ‘As he steps away, the pilot hears a deep and powerful burble, which immediately repeats itself and seems to emanate from somewhere in the bowels of the plane.’
    • ‘When cruising effortlessly at 100 km/h with the six-speed auto in top it's doing just 1600 rpm, but get on the gas and it sprints away, emitting a nice V8 burble in the process.’
    • ‘It's happiest cruising at sedate velocities and is particularly enjoyable topless, when the V-8's dual-exhaust burble can be best appreciated.’
    • ‘And if properly looked after, the big V8 is a lovely motor that will behave itself and deliver a low, buttery burble as you cruise along.’
    • ‘There are times when sound cues are used (a jingle of wind chimes, the burble of water), and the aural presentation here emphasizes them nicely.’
    • ‘The wind burble was - you guessed it - rotor wash.’
    • ‘Hinting at the soulful surplus of house music, Melchior works with tiny elements: a burble of a bassline, a snippet of singing, and hi-hat drums that point toward the heavens without lifting their arms.’
    • ‘The flowers and bushes are in bloom; flox cossets the rocks on the neighbor's front lawn; at night you can hear the burble of a waterfall across the street.’
    • ‘The power delivery is seamless, the engine note rising from a deep burble like a powerboat tethered to a jetty to a howl like a Formula One car.’
    • ‘Once on the move you find the SP exhaust produces a nice note at low revs - not that loud, but with a sporty burble (in a four-pot way).’
    • ‘Wesley's muffled weeping rises over the burble of the respirators.’
    • ‘With only the burble of the fountain to create an illusion of coolness, I avoided any color that suggested heat.’
    • ‘Once on the move the steering lightens up and provides all the feel you'd expect from a fully manual system, while the V6 emits a subdued burble.’
    • ‘Start the engine and there is a pleasant burble from the back.’
    • ‘He felt excitement as a burble of acid at the base of his throat and stomach.’
    • ‘He could hear the burble of a small stream and quickened his pace, grinning when he saw the water.’
    • ‘I remain a big fan of the engine though - the throaty burble they emanate still sends a chill up my spine each time I hear one.’
    burble, babble, purl, gurgle
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    1. 1.1Rambling speech.
      ‘an hour of boring burble’
      • ‘Chattering, always chattering with the indecipherable burble of an audience.’
      • ‘So much babble and burble is spoken about the internet and cyber-space that I almost recoil from it but the web conforms entirely to the free market idea of an end-independent spontaneous order.’
      • ‘So… you need a Famous Writer, or at a pinch, a Famous Reviewer (which is all too often an oxymoron) to produce the necessary burble for the blurb.’
      • ‘In a spoken statement, use of these terms above a certain threshold renders understanding impossible, and turns strings of words into a calming but meaningless background burble.’
      • ‘It's accumulated about a million words of burble over nearly four years.’
      • ‘It's not conversation but the complacent burble of a radio on a windowsill.’
      • ‘The less robust sauna inhabitants start to fill the sauna with a burble of profanity, as they pray that their eyes don't boil and explode.’
      lengthy explanation, lengthy story, saga, yarn, recitation, burble, burbling, maundering, shaggy-dog story
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Middle English (in the sense ‘to bubble’): imitative. Current senses date from the late 19th century.