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(also US buret)
  • A graduated glass tube with a tap at one end, for delivering known volumes of a liquid, especially in titrations.

    ‘A buret (also spelled burette) is a long glass tube open at both ends, that is used to measure out precise volumes of liquids or gases.’
    • ‘A buret is a long tube with volume markings for precise measurement and a stopcock at the bottom to control the flow of liquid.’
    • ‘For example, burettes and spectro photometers are chemical instruments - one measures volume and the other measures absorbance.’
    • ‘Though a diploma course in scientific glass technology is being offered in Chennai, it is related to making scientific apparatus like test tubes, burettes etc., which does not need any creativity.’
    • ‘In general, the titrant is placed in a volumetric glassware called a burette and added slowly to a known volume of analyte until the reaction is complete.’
    • ‘Therefore, the volume of water drained from the porous specimen is indeed the change of volume of specimen, which can directly be measured using a burette or an electronic weighing scale.’



/byo͝oˈret/ /bjʊˈrɛt/


Mid 19th century from French, from buire ‘jug’, of Germanic origin; related to German Bauch ‘stomach’.