Definition of bury the lede in English:

bury the lede


  • Fail to emphasize the most important part of a story or account.

    ‘one should always listen carefully to the president, as he has a tendency to bury the lede’
    • ‘They buried another interesting lede in the article, which is that the share of income median families must devote to home ownership is the HIGHEST it's been since 1989.’
    • ‘Usually burying the lede 15 paragraphs in will be enough to ensure that most readers never see them.’
    • ‘The problem with this piece is a classic case of burying the lede.’
    • ‘"Reuters buried the lede," said my source.’
    • ‘Fair as the column is, Kondracke buried the lede.’
    • ‘Don't bury the lede and don't pile on when updating.’
    • ‘I understand that for those of you who are most concerned with the political aspects of this story, this may not amount to burying the lede.’
    • ‘That paragraph also buries the lede a bit, since we skipped right over a glowing projection for Yu Darvish.’
    • ‘Predictably, the editors buried the lede on this story, literally pushing the most damning revelations down to the last four grafs.’
    • ‘There's a few covers out there which manage to make these precious songs vibrant and new without sullying their reputation or burying the lede.’