Definition of bus lane in English:

bus lane


  • A division of a road marked off with painted lines for use by buses.

    • ‘I am pleased they have decided to abolish the scheme and return the road to its original state, removing the bus lane and yellow lines.’
    • ‘It was assumed that the bus lane is an extra lane added to the main approach to the intersection.’
    • ‘What you can also see is a taxi in the middle, stopped across the oncoming lane of traffic, and a security van parked on single yellow lines just after the bus lane.’
    • ‘He said that a designated bus lane in Malton Road should ensure that commuters beat peak traffic congestion and cruise straight into the city.’
    • ‘Mr Lowe was waiting in the bus lane to cross Wellington Road when he was hit by a small, modern hatchback at 4.40 pm.’
    • ‘Heworth councillor Ruth Potter said a new bus lane had narrowed Malton Road for cars, creating hazards.’
    • ‘The bus lane on Great North Road will be the longest in New Zealand spanning nine kilometres.’
    • ‘Every time I use the road I see the bus lane and the speed limits flaunted.’
    • ‘There is a proposed scheme for a bus lane in Croft Road to help solve this.’
    • ‘The bus lane in Thornton Road is much abused by private motorists, all the time.’
    • ‘A new road scheme will cut 36 seconds from bus journey times by creating a contra-flow bus lane in East Hill, Wandsworth town.’
    • ‘The shop is situated at 54 Kew Road, Richmond, a red route with a bus lane.’
    • ‘If there's a bus lane, then there will be signs telling you what that means too.’
    • ‘A new bus lane and traffic island has proven efficient in reducing traffic, according to de Burca.’
    • ‘The bus lane starts at Kingston Hill and runs mainly through London Road to the town centre.’
    • ‘Officers propose to build a special bus lane for eastbound services so they do not have to negotiate Winchester's one-way system.’
    • ‘A few days ago, just round the corner from Hackney police station, I noticed a car abandoned, straddling a bus lane and half the pavement.’
    • ‘The transport minister regretted that public help was not forthcoming to make the dedicated bus lane experiment a success.’
    • ‘But I just pedal tentatively down the bus lane, fiddling with the gears.’
    • ‘In the morning time the bus lane from Tuam to Galway will have priority and in the evening time the return route will have priority.’


bus lane