Definition of bush baby in English:

bush baby

(also bushbaby)

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  • A small nocturnal tree-dwelling African primate with very large eyes.

    Also called galago

    Genus Galago, family Lorisidae, suborder Prosimii: several species

    ‘Only in recent decades have prosimians - a suborder of primates that includes lemurs, lorises, bushbabies, and tarsiers - begun to be studied systematically.’
    • ‘These new finds double the age of the sparse fossil record for lorises and bushbabies, which with lemurs make up a primate group called the strepsirrhines.’
    • ‘The island has a colony of flying foxes, bushbabies, monkeys, squirrels and monitor lizards.’
    • ‘The small cats, bushbabies, hares and hyenas had particularly bright eyeshine, while a herd of wildebeest, sitting, standing, feeding, resting, looked like a string of Christmas lights hanging crazily over the plains.’
    • ‘However, the rate of GH evolution in the bushbaby (a prosimian) was similar to those in nonprimates.’