Definition of business plan in English:

business plan

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  • A document setting out a business's future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

    ‘the company is scheduled to pitch its business plan in June’
    • ‘Wendy had to learn from the bottom up how to run a new style of small business with an unusual business plan.’
    • ‘The final monetary component of a comprehensive business plan is the cash flow, or capacity.’
    • ‘Assistance could include market research, writing business plans, arranging finances, providing access to federal resources, etc.’
    • ‘Producers could benefit from developing and following a business plan, he said.’
    • ‘If the business plan is sound and convincing, and if farmers understand the untapped potential of their capital, they will invest.’
    • ‘The flurry of new sites ebbed, and the strongest of these are formulating business plans for future survival.’
    • ‘It is very important to have a business plan that provides for cash flow for three to five years.’
    • ‘With a "thumbs up" from the community, David and Kay set to work on a business plan, doing market research and conducting focus group tests.’
    • ‘The financials in the business plan basically focus on three key items: return on investment, equity strategy and debt strategy.’
    • ‘If the next generation of owners cannot develop a viable business plan, the current owners need to address this deficiency in management immediately instead of leaving it for later consideration.’