Definition of butane in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A flammable hydrocarbon gas of the alkane series, present in petroleum and natural gas. It is used in bottled form as a fuel.

    Chemical formula: CH₃CH₂CH₂CH₃

    • ‘The remaining butane and methane are recycled and reused to fuel the process.’
    • ‘Sudden sniffing death is particularly associated with abuse of butane, propane and chemicals in aerosols.’
    • ‘He filmed them apparently putting butane gas into a bottle and setting fire to it.’
    • ‘Mr Edwards explained that deodorants and other aerosols contain propellants, like butane, to dry the particles.’
    • ‘Sgt Tim Bright, of York police, warned: ‘Solvents and butane can and do kill young people the first time they try them.’’


Late 19th century from butyl+ -ane.